PICO(T) question: My perioperative PICO(T) question will be based on surgical site infections. This is a sensitive unit that requires a physician to use sterilized products and equipment to maintain proper handling and patient safety in the operating room. My PICO(T) question would look as follows:

P- Perioperative patients in the cardiovascular operating room

I- Perioperative temperature management using a warming blanket

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C- Patients receive no treatment to prevent hypothermia

O- Patients with warming blankets will have a decrease in surgical site infections

T- The study will take place for one year

Using your PICO(T) question, search for a relevant research article and analyze the article for its potential to provide an evidence-based solution. Then, describe how the article supports your selected PICO(T) question. Be sure to also attach a copy of your search methods flowchart. 

Create a flowchart to represent your search methods.