AHR Quality Indicators: Patient Safety Indicators and Associated Costs as to the Effectiveness

These are my parts:e.Strategies for implementation of measurable outcomesf.Barriersg.Description of group processh.ConclusionGuidelinesBased off the papers I read, we can go with validity of Patient Safety  Indicators and their cost-effectiveness being our problem.  Cost-effectiveness would be affected by the validity because if Patient  Safety Indicators are not valid, cost-effectiveness decreases since there are still more potential adverse events that could  be happening that are not being recorded by the patient safety  indicators.P: every client <-- we can narrow this if you wantI: Patient Safety IndicatorsC: Using patient safety indicators and not using them/valid indicators vs more updated indicatorsO: Patient safety outcomes and costT: within the next 5 yearsI came up with this: “Are patient safety indicators valid and cost-effective regarding improving patient safety outcomes?”Hopefully this combined PICOT question puts us in a more narrow direction. Feel free to change it.