alumni two

Hello team! I am so excited to get to introduce you to some of my favorite SWOSU Alumni. For this assignment, please watch all the videos and then complete the following steps:

Jessie Ray (Links to an external site.)-Marketing & Business Development Manager at Oklahoma Safety Council (Links to an external site.)

Kaitlyn Keeler (Links to an external site.)– Marketing Specialist at WEOKIE Federal Credit Union (Links to an external site.)

Briley Baca (Links to an external site.)– Vice President at Advanced Financial Strategies (Links to an external site.)


1) Please watch the videos and answer the following:

1A) Select you favorite video. Right a 200 word review of what makes it something people should watch.

2) Find an example of an article on HubSpot that relates to your future career plans. (Links to an external site.)

2A) Share the HubSpot Link and summarize what was interesting about the article in this discussion.

2B) Select 2 HubSpot Certifications that look interesting. (Links to an external site.)

2C) Describe which certifications seem the most useful for your future career planning.

2D) Tell your classmates when you plan to finish the certifications.

3) Find examples of the job descriptions and salary ranges for people in career fields that interest you on Glassdoor. (Links to an external site.)

3A) Summarize your findings and share them in this discussion.

4) Comment on the Hubspot and/or Glassdoor findings of at least 4 classmates with genuinely useful ideas. (Compete within 24 hours of the original assignment deadline)

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