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Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Outline & Presentation

Absolutely no Plagiarism…Grading guide attached…PLEASE REVIEWCreate an outline for the Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation, due in Week 5.Include the following:IntroductionAll introductory pointsThesis statementBodyMain topics and subtopicsConclusion, including preliminary concluding statementsReference list, including four references formatted consistent with APA guidelines===== PRESENTATION===================Some psychologists specialize in the study and treatment of psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia, mood […]

please read ApA grammar spelling.Please use victims name and document the picture by number when referencing case files

6-2Assignment: Investigating a Crime: Phase II – Concepts Related to the VictimPlease use victims name and document the picture by numberPhase II of the criminal investigative analysis process continues with a focus on the victim. Victimology is evaluated in three stages:Pre-Offense – All information providing insight on such things as:Victim selectionVictim risk level (high/low)Possible relationship […]

week 6 discussion 1 soc pol

Post an explanation of the specific challenges or gaps in the mental health care system for the care of individuals with chronic mental illnesses. Base your response on the Parker case. Then, describe how environmental stressors, such as poverty, can aggravate mental health carel illness and make treatment more challenging.Respond to at least two colleagues […]

8 psycholoy questions

5.1 What are special considerations around confidentiality within an adolescent/child’s group?  How would you approach these in a group of adolescents or children?This discussion question meets the following CACREP Standard: 2.F.6.b. Dynamics associated with group process and development. This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standard:93) Understand the concepts of “process” and “content,” and shift […]


This week, we covered psychological disorders and how they are diagnosed. Psychologists rely on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, to assess psychological disorders. In the book this week, we read Rosenhan’s study on labeling.  Summarize this study, in your own words. What are the implications of this study for you as a […]

Final Project

You will complete the word document that is attached the last page its three sections that need completion.please read and understand the files attached for this assignment.  You are welcome to make any adjustment to other sections of the word document as you see may fit.

Vargas Family Case Study: Genogram

Details:Read “Topic 3: Vargas Family Case Study.” Based on the   information gathered in the first three sessions, create a genogram   for the Vargas family.The genogram can be handwritten and scanned, completed as a PDF, or   completed using Word tools to ensure it can uploaded to LoudCloud.   Include the following in your genogram:All family members referenced […]