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Assignment 2 (4287)

 This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions: Submit a 2-page paper describing Geriatric Syndrome, Fulmer SPICES framework and the significance of these in providing care to the elderly.  See syllabus and Announcements for rubric and grading criteria for written assignments. APA format with headings (levels) required.  his discussion should include one reference from English […]

HSA 501 ASS 2

   Assignment 2: Managing Health Care Quality  Due Week 8  Imagine that you are a hospital administrator at the Sunlight Hospital in California. The main complaint among the patients is the quality of care. Your job is to understand the state of the hospital, create value, increase efficiency, and turn the facility into a local […]

Reflection Journal: Nursing Practice

As you reflect back on your learning in this course, please answer the following questions: What role does current information management technology play in preparing nurses for clinical practice in the twenty-first century? What effect does future healthcare delivery have on vulnerable populations? Include at least two examples from your current (or previous) practice setting […]

NURSING – Ethics – Abortion Paper

Has to be a minimal of 5 pages, APA format, No plagiarism.   Scenario: A 14 year old girl that was raped by a stranger and is contemplating abortion.     Criteria RatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Statement of Issue: Present issue you have chosen in the context of a realistic, hypothetical patient […]

introduction to nursing research DQ1 TOPIC 1

  PICOT is utilized by the health care community to identify and study a nursing or medical practice problem. Consequently, PICOT examples that may provide insight into the use of the PICOT process, may not be relevant to nursing practice as they are based on a medical practice problem. Describe the difference between a nursing […]

Healthcare system & UK

Reflect on 2 key differences between the UK and US Health systems. What are key opportunities related to advocacy and politics interventions that can be taken by advanced practice nurses to improve our current health system?  must be minimum 250 words, references must be cited in APA format, and must include minimum of 2 scholarly […]

i need someone to write an essay in nursing field

1- basic world and easy to read  2- 15 reference ( mention  the reference that you use in each paragraph)  3- no plagiarism ( do not check it in any website for plagiarism  )  no more 5% of plagiarism 4-follow  the instructions in the attachment very well 

6501 Discussion 2.5

   While arthritis impacts nearly 50 million adults in the United States, it is not a disease that is limited to adulthood. Consider the case of Ashley Russell. At the age of 14 months, Ashley was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. As a baby, her parents noticed that her knee was always swollen and that […]

Making Nursing History Today

CO2 Use lessons from nursing history to integrate clinical judgment into professional nursing practice (PO 4) CO4 Compare current professional nursing practice roles with historical roles of the nurse (PO 7) Nursing history is not just about the past and famous people; it is being made by nurses every day. What nurse do you know […]