Contingency Research


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Crisis Experience Paper


A typically developing 10-year-old becomes trapped, unable to move, in an inaccessible location. It takes rescuers over 10 hours to find and rescue the child from the location.


1) Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:


     Use APA style for writing this Essay. This assignment requires that at least TEN additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and in-text citation from each source be included. Use Abstract, Keyword, Introduction and conclusion. One recommendation that I have is to copy/paste the actual criteria for each section in the paper—make these subheadings paraphrased. This will help ensure that you are addressing all parts of the essay requirements. Please proofread and cross check APA citation errors. Write in Third Person Scholarly writing: No quotes from Authors. Let your voice be heard and not reporting lecture back to me. Please expand your discussion and highlight other important theorists and theories where needed. Introduction, and conclusion SHOULD be comprehensive and to include more main ideas and thoughts. Use transitional phrases to link one paragraph to the other. Please follow all instructions carefully and religiously. No assumptions. If you need any clarification on anything please let me know. Please note preferred plagiarism checker to check final writing is TURNITIN software not to be more than 8% plagiarized. Develop all arguments elaborately please.


2) Write a paper of 1500 words that synthesizes the information contained in these sources. Include the following in your synthesis:


     a) Discuss how the child cognitively and emotionally responds during the confinement


          i) from Piaget’s sensorimotor perspective


          ii) from Erickson’s psychosocial perspective


      b) Discuss how this experience may affect the child as he/she ages through childhood and into adulthood.