criminological theory 1

There should be a minimum of 1750 words. Preferably 2,000 words.

Perfect APA format is a MANDATORY requirement. APA (American Psychological Association, 6th ed.) style guide

1. Our text tells us that criminal behavior can be an expression of general needs and value and that criminal behavior is learned. Why do some people try to achieve those goals through crime and others do not if they have learned the same behavior?

2. Name three social controls that keep us from breaking the law beyond fear of punishment and why. What keeps you from breaking the law? Include a discussion of containment theory in your answer.

3. Explain the ramifications of Labeling Theory in relation to a youth who has been in secure detention and is now back in school. What can be done to assist the youth reintegrate?

4. What is the difference between stigmatic shaming and reintegrative shaming? Give an example of each. What are the consequences of each?

5. Explain persistence and desistance in terms of life course theory.

6. What are the policy implications of social development theory?

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