Describe Nursing Informatics

Describe Nursing Informatics


Respond to reach questions with 200 words each for a total of 1200 words and 3 references. Due 7/17/22

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1. In your own words, describe the role of a nurse informaticist.

2. Explain how a nurse informaticist contributes to patient care quality.

3. Review the AHRQ’s Quality and Patient Safety Work website and ANIA’s Strategic Plan. Discuss how the development of informatics has helped address the concerns about patient safety raised in the “To Err Is Human” report.

4. Summarize how informatics has assisted in improving culture of safety in your organization and areas where growth is still needed.

5. Summarize an evidence-based article that pertains to nursing and the contribution it has made to healthcare.

6. What are new trends in nursing informatics?