Engineering Ethics

Write a ten page paper (12 point font/ double spaced) on any topic from the syllabus:Introduction to Ethics `Moral Reasoning¿ by Valasquez & Hinman Ethics Website What Is Technology? `The Question Concerning Technology¿ by Heidegger Technology & Society    Marx – Capitalism and the Modern Labor Process   Lewis Mumford from Technics and Civilization   Herbert Marcuse   from One Dimensional Man `One-Dimensional Society  1: The New Forms of Control¿ `The Roots of the Unabomber¿    by    Alston Chase                                                                                The Role of Codes of Professional Ethics   `What¿s Philosophically Interesting About Engineering Ethics?¿ by Michael Davis   Codes of Ethics:   `The Quest for a Code of Professional Ethics: An Intellectual and Moral Confusion¿ by John Ladd   `Codes of Ethics and the Moral Education of Engineers¿ by Heinz Luegenbiehl   `Ethics for All: Differences Across Scientific Society Codes¿ by Bullock and Panicker     Engineers & Business Responsibility and Profit     `THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS IS TO INCREASE ITS PROFITS ¿                         By    Milton Friedman `Is Engineering Ethics Just Business Ethics?¿ by Michael Davis   `Can I BE Blamed for Obeying Orders?¿ By R. M. Hare   `Whistleblowing & Professional Responsibility¿   By   Sissela Bok   Engineering and Risk Analysis `Choosing Our Pleasures And Our Poisons: Risk Assessment For The 1980¿s¿ By William Lowrance   `Environmental Risk and the Iron Triangle; The Case of Yucca Mountain¿ By Schrader-Frechette       Engineers & the Environment  ¿   Excerpt from Land Ethic by Leopold `Deep Ecology¿ by Arne Naess   `Brownfields and Greenfields¿ by Jack C. Swearengen U.N. Scientists on Climate Change Cyber Ethics   `What Is Computer Ethics?¿ by James Moor `Reason, Relativity & Responsibility in Computer Ethics¿ by James Moor   Ethics and Nanotechnology   `Ethics in Nanotechnology¿ by Ebbesen, Andersen and Besenbacher     The Good Engineer   Dean Kammen Breakout Artist   by Scott Kirsner from Wired  

You may combine topics. If you have written on these topics for this class, do not submit that paper as is. Do not graft two previous papers together. Utilize at least five sources from Resources.

Include a complete bibliography.

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I will be grading on clarity and content.