Errors to Avoid in a Business Letter

Errors to Avoid in a Business Letter

In the course of your day-to-day work, you need to write dozens of business letters, to your colleagues, clients, consultants, or vendors. Think what would happen if you were to make a critical error in your communication that will eventually affect your firm financially.

Using the South University Online Library research and read articles that describe the business costs resulting from unclear instructions. Based on your research and readings, respond to the following 4 items:

1. What are the kinds of errors that are commonly committed in a business letter?

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2. What could be the results of such errors? Provide many details and at least three examples.

3. How would you avoid such errors in the future? Explain in detail and provide many examples for each item.

4. What would you include in a best practices document for writing a business letter? Explain the dos and don’ts.
Provide in list form: A “DO” list (at least 5 items) and a “DON’T” list (at least 5 items).

– Include an Introduction and Conclusion to all assignments.
– 1000+ words/writing in your responses (include the ‘word count’ at the end of your work, “Word Count: 1,115 words”.
– Use 3+ sources, using APA (American Psychological Association) with “quotes” (typically 8 to 10 words from a source) in your writing.
– For every source you list at the end of your work, include at least 1 “quote” from that source in your work (Nawrocki, 2020, pg 17).
– Spell out all acronyms the first time used in your work, such as SUO (South University Online).
– Use an OUTLINE for your work (with a topic/title for each section, such as “Introduction”, “Main Topics”, “Conclusion”.

PARTICIPATION POSTS, 3 posts, on 3 days (100 to 300 words/writing per post) (2 posts to other students, 1 post to me/instructor) (20 points weekly, 5 weeks, is 100 points total, equals 1 letter grade). Include students names in your posts (To Sally) and your name (From Instructor Elise).
Participation posts ONLY count in the week they are covered, such as Tuesday (day 1) to Monday (day 7), then closed.

3+ sources are required for every assignment (using APA, “quotes”, required), including:
(1) course textbook.
(2) course online class lecture material.
(3) outside sources with reputable web sites, published, articles, books, etc.