health records

The paper and electronic patient record has many purposes, including but not limited to:·  Provide a comprehensive format in which to document patient information accurately, efficiently, and securely·  Improve accessibility of patient information, particularly between providers·  Improve patient outcomes via data mining to pinpoint trends, barriers, and safety needs·  Add software to decrease human errors such as computerized provider order entry (CPOE), medication administration bar coding, automated alerts such as for allergies and medication interaction, and tracking of access by workers·  Provide for safety and confidentiality of the PHIPersonalize your role in each of the EHR benefits listed above.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Ø  Using what you have learned thus far reflect on your role in each of the categories aboveØ  Write 1-2 paragraphs for each of the five sections that personalizes your role in this areaØ  In some areas you may need to consider future roles and responsibilitiesØ  Use scholarly resources as needed to fully answer the sectionØ  Cite the reference. APA is not required but as always proper grammar, sentence structure and spelling is expected. There is NO copy/pasting. Everything must be in your own words.