Healthcare Services and the Consumer Final Assignment

Healthcare Services and the Consumer Final Assignment

Our final assignment will address the key concepts of our learning throughout the course. The assignment consists of narrative responses to the questions below and assesses your synthesis and application of the content presented in the course. Please follow the instructions provided.


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  1. For each question/prompt, provide a succinct response of two paragraphs addressing each item. These responses do not have to be double-spaced but proper grammar, punctuation, and citation are required. Please type the assignment questions and follow with the response numbering from 1-5 on a word document. You may copy/paste the questions from these instructions to a word document for your convenience.
  2. Do not copy and paste content from articles or other sources as your response. This assignment will be reviewed through the turnitin system for plagiarism and academic honesty. Your responses should be in your own words with supporting information from the literature paraphrased not directly quoted.
  3. One external source must be cited and referenced in APA 7th edition format for each response. This source should be a scholarly or authoritative source (scholarly journal, regulatory or professional association source, no blogs or Wikipedia or advertisements please).

Assignment Design:

The design of this final assignment is to focus on the ability to articulate information in a succinct and directed manner to develop the skills of executive communication, incorporate research and scholarly evidence into the professional communication contributing to evidence-based leadership and management, and continue to sharpen the professional writing skills necessary for the remaining coursework of the program. This is a culmination of the learning offered in the course.

Rubric guidance:

Each of the five responses are 40 points each with the following breakdown:

Each response narrative  = 30 points (2 robust paragraphs; paragraphs are a minimum of 3-4 well-written sentences each)

APA format for citation and reference = 10 points (each reference must have a citation in the paragraph; each of the responses for questions 1-4 must include citation and reference (citations and references will follow APA 7th edition format). Question 5 does not require reference or citation.

  • One point for each type of APA error to a maximum of ten points per question

Assignment Questions:

  1. Describe the Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP) program design from a federal perspective and describe the administration of CHIP in your state.
  2. Select one type of managed care organization and provide the pros and cons for this selection.
  3. Review the resources provided on healthcare fraud. What are two common healthcare scams to which we should educate our public? What can consumers do to protect themselves from healthcare scams?
  4. Why do you think our elderly are so vulnerable to fraud? What resources are available to our special elderly population to combat fraud?
  5. Identify three key takeaways from the course that were new to your knowledge base relative to healthcare systems (no reference required for this response).