i am a female who ever does this assignmet it please choose a relationship friendsip/ family and write in a female perspective (as if you were me)

This Interpersonal Communication Assignment is due at the conclusion of Module 4. This assignment is worth a total of 75 points.

For this assignment, you will choose three different interpersonal relationships in your life in three different areas of interpersonal communication (romantic/friendship, family, and professional/academic). You will evaluate these relationships and the type of communication you display by answering the posed questions in an essay. The purpose is to gain a better understanding of how you communicate in these relationships, and possible ways to improve your communication based on the concepts learned in this course. This is not meant to give info you are not comfortable giving, this is an assessment for YOU and to determine your understanding of this communication. You may disclose as much, or as little, “personal” information as you wish.

You will use the chart provided below to answer your questions and submit the chart and with the answers to the questions.

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Instructions:Use the provided chart and answer all the questions.Format your paper using the correct APA style.Submit your paper as an MS Office word document.Typed, double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman or Courier font.Use correct grammar and spelling.Cite your references within the paper when you paraphrase the information or quote someone. Your references should be documented according to APA style.