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What was the influenza (Spanish Flu) of 1918, the HINI 2009, the Ebola Virus and finally what is COVID-19. In your response provide an overview of the pathogenesis of these viruses and classify them in terms of endemic, epidemic or pandemic. Was surveillance provided for these viruses?Create a table with column headings of Influenza 1918, HINI 2009, COVID-19 and EBOLA Virus. Add row headings: First outbreak, confirmed cases, number of deaths in country of origin, number of deaths in your county in Florida.  Number of deaths in the United States. Number of deaths worldwide. Then compare and contrast the viruses in terms of vectors in virus transmission, epidemiology, contact tracing and public education.Identify the vulnerable populations that were impacted by each virus in part B) and how many from the vulnerable population have died?What is the role of one of these, OSHA, CDC, WHO, and the FDA, during a virus outbreak?Please support journal #2 with peer reviewed scholarly articles less than 5 years old and the course text (s).Supplemental references can be added as additional resources from .gov. edu or .org websites.