Intercultural Competence & Social Responsibility Essay

Assignment detailed instructions: Write a three-page (minimum of 750 words) essay addressing the following eight questions. The paper should be in APA format, double spaced, 12 font, and include references/bibliography(MINIMUM 3) on the fourth page.

 Write eight paragraphs addressing these eight prompts:

 Part 1 Intercultural Competence 

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1. Identify and describe a specific issue of concern to a specific community for the focus of your essay. Choose from DACA and immigration laws, racism, prochoice/prolife, millennials, rape culture, gender equality, same-sex marriage, marijuana laws, religion in schools, human trafficking, white privilege, police brutality, gun control, or another social justice issue. 

2. Define culture and cultural competence and discuss how your own culture has shaped your identity and world view related to the issue you chose. 

3. Discuss significant characteristics about another culture and how and why they see this issue perhaps differently than you. (put yourself in their shoes, see it from their perspective) 

4. Discuss how you have or how you might adjust your actions and communication style to successfully interact with someone from another culture/viewpoint.

 Part 2 Engagement with Communities: Social Responsibility 

5. Discuss your civic responsibility related to the issue you chose to write about in this essay. 

6. Discuss effective participation in civic engagement activities related to this issue.

 7. Describe your understanding of the purpose and benefits of civic engagement. 

8. If you have engaged in civic activities related to this issue or another issue of importance to you, describe that experience. What was the purpose? What were the benefits? What did you learn?