n this course we have a clear opportunity to learn from one another and the diverse experiences each of us brings. For this discussion activity, prepare a post that accomplishes the following:Introduce yourself to your peers, first speaking to one or two aspects of you and your family members’ bio-psycho-social identities (such as age, ethnicity, family configuration, gender, immigration history or status, physical appearance, physical ability, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, et cetera) that have been salient in your life, which you feel safe sharing, and how they have resulted in challenges or opportunities.Then speak to one or two aspects of the bio-psycho-social identities (yours and your family members’) that have not been salient for you, and consider why you have not paid much to attention these aspects of yourself.Discuss how these aspects of your identities have resulted in challenges or opportunities for you and/or your family members.