Medication Safety Standard Question

In this assessment task, you will be participating in an interview for a graduate position. To undertake this task, you will need to draw on the content from modules one and two.   You will respond to two questions.    •

· Your first question will relate to an NSQHS standard (the specific standard will be randomly allocated to you via MyLO):  “Please explain to the panel members your understanding of this NSQHS standard and discuss with reference to your experiences in Professional Experience Placement, providing justification.”

· • Your second question will pose a short clinical scenario based on a conflict situation (which will be randomly allocated to you via MyLO) and ask, “In this situation could you please describe your actions, and in addition outline selfcare strategies at a stressful time.”  Using a multimedia platform, you will be required to respond to the above questions and upload these to the MyLO submission folder (dropbox)

· Your allocated standard is:

1.Medication Safety Standard Question

· 2.A Senior RN on the ward instructs you to perform a procedure which does not follow the procedural guideline and policy. You are aware this may cause harm to the patient. In this situation could you please describe your actions, and in addition outline self-care strategies at a stressful time.

· I TRIED TO WRITE BUT COULDNOT, HOPE YOU CAN SOME IDEA:Medication safety Standard: In my experiences of clinical placement,I was allocated with RN in ward and she was very supportive as well as good mentor, she taught me about medication rights and time management. During medication time I was observing her, she took out the medicine and entered in patient room but at the same time pt. was in bathroom ,RN not able to give medication and RN came out and she talked to me and she did other works and later on she forget that medication with that pt. went to the next room pt. with the same medication, then after I asked her is this for her? She said yes, is it I said? Then after she realize and checked again.she did a nearly medication error, from this mistake I would double check the medication chart to see if there is an error in future.

· And RN verbalise in handover so that oncoming staff are aware of the situation.

· ACCORDING TO NSQHS: Firstlyneed to check that the medication order is legal and valid by checking: patient details, doctor’s name/signature, valid date, order is legible and written in ink, generic drug name used, dose, frequency, route

· Also check if there are any contraindications with any of the medication that need to be given at the same time

· When dispensing the medication, I must adhere to the 5 rights and 3 checks.

· Check medication against the order to ensure I have the right drug, right dose, right route and right time

· Make sure the medications are in date

· Check that I have the right patient by confirming with the medication chart, patient ID band and by asking for the patient details themselves

· Check for allergies documented and by asking the patient

· Inform the patient what medications are being given, their mode of action/indication, potential side effects and gain consent

· Witness the patient taking the medication and sign the chart immediately

· Monitor for any side effects

· Remember to get a 2nd RN to check for any IV medication, injections, ABs, S4 and S8 drugs and also complete all relevant documentation needed (e.g. drug books for S4D/S8 drugs)

· Only administer the medication I dispensed myself









· Ascertain the issues

· Speak to the colleague in a private place

· Listen to what the colleague has to say

· Try to look at the issues from the point of view of the colleague

· Discuss the issues and try to resolve with the colleague

· Be open, non-judgmental and do not use language or signal that may be aggressive

· If unable to resolve issues with colleague, discuss with a NUM/Educator

· Reflect on the reasons why the problem is affecting your work

· Seek assistance/guidance, availability of EAP counselling

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