MGMT 430 unit 4 group project


Production Planning and Quality Management: MGMT430

Deliverable Length:  3 – 4 pages

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Unit4 – Group Project

The memory chip manufacturer, having identified the appropriate location for its major production facility, now wants your team to determine the optimal internal layout for the facility based on the following criteria:  The facility will manufacture several lines of memory      chips, some with compatible components and some that do not have      compatible components. The facility will also house an administrative support      workgroup that will receive and process orders, bill customers, and      provide payroll/HR support for the local workforce. The facility will also be responsible for shipping to      national, international, and local customer locations.

Using course materials and other research, complete the following:

Individual: There are 4 types of potential layouts: product-based, functional, cellular and fixed-position layouts. Divide the work up with equality among individual team members so that each of the listed layouts is defined from an academic context and it is specified how it might apply to the company’s facility. 

Please add your file.

Group: As a team, discuss your justification and choice for the most appropriate method for the company, and come to a consensus.

Finally, as a team, determine the most appropriate optimization models of the chosen layout(s). In other words, identify the best methods that the company can use to optimize workflow amongst those methods (individual layout types). Provide a full rationale.

Please add your file. 

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.