MMPA 6832: Terrorism: Legislation and Policy

 Please see the attachment for the Rubric
MMPA 6832: Terrorism: Legislation and Policy
Final Project Guidelines
For the Final Project, you are asked to develop a proposal to improve US counterterrorism policy in a specific area (e.g., detainee affairs, homeland defense, intelligence etc.). The proposal you develop must address improvements needed to structures, legislation, regulations, and strategies used in counterterrorism efforts.
The Final Project must include:
· A brief description of the policy area (e.g. – detainee affairs, homeland defense, intelligence etc.) you selected.
· An explanation for why you selected the policy area you did. That is explain the problems you wish to address, including the relevant history, background, actors, and salient issues, as well as gaps in existing policy, structures, legislation, and regulations.
· A explanation of specific improvements you would make to existing policies, structures, legislation, and regulations related to the policy area you selected
· An explanation of the strengths and limitations of your proposed improvements. Be sure to include how you could compensate for the limitations.
· An explanation of the challenges associated with implementing your proposed improvements. Be sure to discuss bureaucratic and organizational impediments.
Your Final Project must be presented as a 6 pages (not including references or title page), double-spaced, APA-formatted project in the form of a paper that is submitted by Day 7 of Week 11. See Week 11 for specific instructions for submission.
You may wish to use the above bulleted items as the basis for topic headings throughout your paper