New Health Policy and the Stakeholders Discussion

New Health Policy and the Stakeholders Discussion

Stakeholders often play a significant role when it comes to health care policy implementation. For this writing assignment, create a health care policy you might want to implement with your organization. Be creative! Once you have designed this policy, answer the following questions:

  • Describe your health policy and identify the stakeholders.
  • Discuss the role of the stakeholder in your policy development, who can create a barrier and who might like your policy.
  • Discuss a plan you might implement to help your stakeholders support your new policy. What would you do?

This assignment requires that you write a 2 page Level 2 writing guidelines assignment.

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Points Possible: 20


5 pts – describes a health care policy with sufficient detail

5 pts – identifies the stakeholders and their respective role with sufficient detail

5 pts – discusses stakeholder engagement plan with sufficient detail

5 pts – utilization of writing guidelines – LEVEL 2