NR701 Application of Analytic Methods course

DescriptionNR701 Application of Analytic MethodsWeek 1 discussionDQ1 Evidence-Based Practice and ResearchCompare and contrast Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) tonursing research. What are the similarities and/or the differences between theEBP and research? Explain the role of research as it will pertain to the DNPProject you will complete while in your Practicum.DQ2 Application of Research MethodologiessWeek 2 discussionDQ1 Problem EvaluationDQ2 PICOT Formation & Assessment of Organizational NeedsNR701 Application of Analytic MethodsWeek 3 discussionDQ2 Quantitative Evidence to Support Your Practice ChangWeek 4 discussionDQ1 Critiquing and Evaluating Qualitative ResearchDQ2 Rigor in Qualitative ResearchWeek 5 discussionDQ1 Evidence-Based Practice ModelsDQ2 Application of Evidence-Based Practice ModelWeek 6 discussionDQ1 Meta-Analysis and Meta-SynthesisDQ2 Meta-Analysis: Evaluation of Evidence and Application toPractice IssueDQ2 Ethical Decision MakingWeek 8 discussionNR701 Application of Analytic MethodsWeek 3assignmentOrganizational Needs AssessmentPURPOSE