Productivity, Corals, Life Distribution, & Reefs vs Estuaries

Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA). One page with references and they must be cited in the writing.


Here are this week’s essay options: Answer one of the following below

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Here are this week’s essay options:

( 1 ) Define biological productivity .” When a scientist says productivity is a rate, what does she or he mean ? List several factors that influence productivity in various ocean environments (the surf zone, mid-ocean and the deep abyss). How do these areas differ in terms of productivity and why?
Read the attached article about the Arctic Plankton Bloom it gives good insight into this topic. In addition read the recent article on the changes in the Arctic Food Chain. If you really read it and think about what causes surface biological productivity you will find that the argument made in this article makes NO sense .
OR( 2 ) From the diagram on page 301 in the text explain WHY most of the living organisms in the ocean are in the top layer , the Epipeligic and why the phytoplankton and seaweeds are only at the top. Also discuss why there are so few animals down on the deep ocean floor. What is the major limiting factor down there? You may want to read the section on page 363 about whale falls in order to research your answer (and thus get a good grade on this). Also read the attached article What Lies Beneath the Deep Gulf

OR ( 3 ) Most reef-building corals have communal algae actually living inside the flesh of the corals. Why do you think this might be more efficient than coral eating phytoplankton?Please name these symbiotic algae and tell what limiting facto r their presence in corals give the coral animals in terms of where they can grow. In any case, corals are almost all carnivorous. Please open and read the attached articles about East Coast deep-water corals.

OR  ( 4 ) If you could only save ONE of the following ecosystems: estuaries or coral reefs WHICH one is more i mportant to the overall health of the oceans world-wide and WHAT should be done to save your choice? Defend your choice and why one should be more important than the other. The answers should be based upon scientific/ecological principles and not emotionalism . Use references and facts to support your answers.