question about marijuana

Please Read the Book: The Botany Of Desire – Chapter 3- Marijuana

And answer following questions

1.What is THC?

2.What does the term “sativa” mean?

3.Where did most domestic marijuana originate prior to the early 1980s? (133) Please summarize in your own language.

4.Describe Pollan’s experience growing marijuana plants. (120 to 124) What other plants did he grow that could be called intoxicants? What ended Pollan’s career as a marijuana grower? (120-124)

5.How do you define the phrase “changing consciousness.”? Give me your personal definition, not something from a website). Do you ever feel that you need a change of consciousness? What exactly are you seeking? Is there something in particular you want to forget or are you hoping for a new experience that is totally unknown to you? Do you see anything wrong with seeking out these experiences using external chemicals, legal or illegal? Explain your answer. Can you think of some internal experiences that may help to create a change of consciousness for you?

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