Questions (Total 2 pages)

After completing the assigned readings, answer the following (be specific, give specific examples, cite sources when applicable):

Exemplar 1: Analyze the JBSM practice exemplar (Chapter 7). Discuss one strength and one challenge associated with nursing applications associated with this model.

Exemplar 2: Compare the Orem practice (Chapter 8), to aspects of your own clinical practice. Which of the three steps of Orem’s process of nursing are most challenging?

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Exemplar 3: Select one of four adaptive modes, according to Roy, and share how it has been displayed in the practice exemplar (Chapter 10).

Exemplar 4: Describe how Parse’s concept of true presence could apply to your practice.

Exemplar 5: Explain how the nurse practitioner in the HEC exemplar (Chapter 16) fostered the process of expanding consciousness.

Submit as a paper using correct APA formatting.