task 816-4pgs


 Instructions: In this 1,000 word paper, you will be recommending a course of action, not recommending that people read a book you like or go to a movie that you loved.

In this paper, you will be advocating for a change of some sort, something that is different from the way something is currently happening. You might be in favor of changing or enacting a law, such as taking cannabis off the schedule one drug status federally. You could be interested in reinstating the draft, doing away with GE requirements for college graduation, delaying the age to drive a car to eighteen, and so on. They are changes of policy. You will discuss both the current policy as well as probable effects when this policy is changed. Your arguments will be designed to get people to DO something to make a change to improve the situation.

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Using facts will enhance your arguments, so you may need to research your points with an unbiased source. If your research comes from a source that has an obvious agenda, it will not be convincing. Be specific about what you recommend that people to do about the problem you address. Don’t just say that things need to change.
Number of Pages: 4 Pages
Page Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default)
Academic Level: College
Paper Format: MLA