Week 2 project health policy and health promotion

InstructionsStudent will develop a Legislative Matrix based upon the specific legislators in a residential/geographical legislative district. State and Federal legislators will be identified: State Representatives, Senators, Congressman and Governor. Each legislator’s assigned committees and any active legislation bills and/or past legislative initiatives will be identified. This information will be used to assist in the development of the Legislative Communication assignment. See RubricFLORIDA IS THE STATE I WANT TO DO IT ON. PLEASE USE REFERENCES IN APA STYLE.RUBRIC* Identify specific legislative District State Governor, areas of focus and interest State Senators, committees and appointments.* State Representatives (House), committees and appointments Federal Senators, committee and appointments.* Federal Congressman (House), committees and appointments State Specific legislation involving legislators.* Writing, grammar and APA application: Scholarly grammar, use of APA 6th edition formatting, use of headers and primary sources.