write bad news email

I need you to write a bad news email for Sprint company because they fired many people because they got bankrupted but they didn’t tell them the reason of firing and they were impolite toward them. So,

1) Remember to follow the bad news pattern:


negative (as brief as possible)

alternatives/reader benefits

goodwill ending

2) Keep the bad news contained to one section and avoid bringing the bad news up again in the end or letting the bad news slip into other sections.

3) Avoid putting the blame on Sprint. Think about what’s in it for the reader. What will they get? How can you frame the message around what’s in it for them?

4) As you rewrite the sprint letter, be conscious about positive word choice and positive framing. Remove “you” voice from the bad news section.

5) Use the course email format which includes elements like the an email subject line and esignature.

6) Do upload your strategy map for the assignment. Sprint as a corporation is the speaker; the unhappy customer is your audience.

you can follow the email letter form attached and grading rubric can helps you with writing this. (1 page single, space letter)

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